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CSD Update
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At DFSS, the Chicago Community on Urban Opportunity (CCUO) serves as the governing body.  Its membership consists of representatives of government, social services agencies, and the poor.  The Citywide Parent Policy Council (CPPC) consists of parent representation from each Head Start delegate agency and community representatives.

Find meeting calendars, bylaws, and minutes from latest meetings below:
2020 CCUO Calendar
CCUO Bylaws
CPPC Bylaws

The DFSS Head Start Annual report provides information about the latest, completed program year and fiscal year. 

DFSS recently released its annual report for 2018-2019. The report provides program year highlights and a look ahead by the grantee to deliver high-quality early childhood programs. In addition, the report outlines cumulative enrollment, health services, parent involvement, kindergarten readiness, fiscal information, and the financial audit. 

The Community Needs Assessment is a requirement of the federal Head Start grant and serves as a critical tool in planning services for all children throughout Chicago. The Head Start Program Performance Standards require Head Start grantees to conduct a thorough community needs assessment once every five years and review.

The Self-Assessment is built on the systemic review of the Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS), the Chicago Community Partnership Preschool for All, and the Prevention Initiative. Chicago has undertaken a re-alignment of its federally funded Head Start (HS) and state funded community-based Preschool for All (PFA) programming, consequently leading to the Chicago Early Learning Standards (CELS).  The Self-Assessment is an integral part of assessing DFSS’ progress in providing high quality services to children and families.

The Self-Assessment is an integral part of benchmarking and assessing CSD’s progress in providing high quality services to children and families. Self-Assessment findings are used to set program priorities for the coming year, as reflected in the Action Plan.

The Self-Assessment is a requirement of the Head Start grant, and as part of the Chicago Early Learning network, PFA and PI-only agencies are also required to submit a self-assessment. A committee is formed to provide recommendations on the self-assessment process –members include, internal and external stakeholders, including parents, board members, delegate agency leadership, CSD front line and management staff.

2020 DFSS Action Plan - Program Priorities
As part of the self-assessment process, DFSS like its delegates, sets an Action Plan agenda for the coming year stressing program priorities.  Here are CSD's Action Plan goals:

1) Strengthen the grantee Health Services Advisory Council.  This includes implementing new guidelines on the grantee level and providing additional guidelines to delegates about optimizing their agency level councils.

2) Strengthening the grantee program governance system.  The Grantee's policy council, the Citywide Parent Policy Council, has already completed a major revision of the CPPC Bylaws and has implemented a participation committee to build attendance at CPPC meetings.  In addition, DFSS will roll out additional trainings and guidance for Head Start-funded agencies to ensure they have active parent committees and policy committees.

3) Continue to implement program goals and objectives.  The program goals and objectives are related to program's learning agency and the CEL RFP: 1) Implement continuity of relationships across all programs; 2) build staff credentials and increase compensation; and 3) reduce family service worker caseload and build family engagement.